15,44 KM
330 M D+
Elevation gain
Syndicat d'initiative de Durbuy

Place aux Foires, 25
Durbuy 6940  

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Towards Condroz in the Ardennes and the villages of Wârre and Tohogne.

Offroad : 65 %

With the 2019 hunting season upon us, please note that this trail will be closed on the following dates:
- Trail bleu de Durbuy : 6/10, 20/10, 27/10, 10/11, 24/11, 15/12.
Make sure to check the signs before you set out!

Mixed route alternating between technically demanding paths through undergrowth and country lanes. Return via a difficult path along the Fond de Vedeur stream.

Durbuy blue trail in pictures